Battery Powered Strapping Tool BXT3-19


  • E-controlled strapping process
  • Strap alignment indicator
  • Quickly access your favourite strapping function
  • Lightweight, ergonomic protective design with new battery cover to increase longevity
  • Fewer wear parts make it economical to maintain
  • Improved performance offers up 800 cycles per charge
  • Lock feature to ensure consistent results

Battery Powered Strapping Tools BXT3-19 Datasheet

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BXT3-19 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT3-19 battery powered strapping tool is specifically designed for light duty strapping applications for use with 15/16mm or 18/19mm Signode Tenax® polyester and Signode Dylastic® polypropylene strapping. The BXT3-19 is capable of variable tensioning speeds of up to 120mm/s, which has been proven to increase production uptime.


Battery Powered Strapping Tool Range by Signode

The latest generation of BXT tools have been designed in collaboration with some of the most demanding manufacturing plants across Europe, ensuring that the BXT3 strapping hand tool consistently offers industry leading performance. The innovative integrated touch screen display allows users to easily change tool settings to suit their specific requirements. The display also provides a real time indication of the tension force being applied to the product as well as strap cycle completion.

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Technical Specifications

Brand Signode
Strap Width 16 – 19mm
Machine Type Battery Powered Hand Tool
Hand Tool Weight, Kg 4.3Kg
Hand Tool Dimensions, mm 370 x 143 x 135mm
Tensioning Speed, mm/s Up to 120mm/s
Strap Tension, Soft 400 – 1,600N
Strap Tension, Standard 1,300 – 4,500N
Number of Cycles per Charge Up to 800
Battery Charge Time, to 75% (minimum) 15 – 30min
Battery Supplied Bosch Li-Ion 18V, 4.0Ah