Battery Powered Economy Strapping Tool

The latest generation of ITA tools have been designed in collaboration with some of the most demanding manufacturing plants across the UK & Europe, ensuring that the ITA strapping hand tool consistently offers industry leading performance.

Economy Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Our economy battery powered strapping tool for PP and PET strap. It is fast and easy to use and guarantees high productivity.


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In case of order please mention the used bandtype (PP or PET), as well as width and thickness.

Model: ITA22
Dimensions: 316 x 140 x 160mm
Power Supply: 14.4V-3 A/h LI-PO
Max. Tension Force: 1500N
Min. Tension Force: 600N
Tensioning Speed: 8mt/m
Sealing: Friction Weld Seal
Strap Dimensions PP – PET Width 13 – 16mm
Joint Strength: 75%
Strap Dimensions PP – PET Guage PP 0.5 – 1.05mm PET 0.5 – 0.8mm
Sound Level (2003/10/CE) 81dB (A)
Vibrations at Handle (2002/44/CE) 2.2 ms2