Strapping Machine Automatic SMA 30


  • Strap tension easily adjustable with physical controls
  • Fast and simple coil change
  • Minimal wear parts make it economical to operate and maintain
  • A simple, easy to use, compact stand alone machine
  • Mobile design is very easy to set up
  • High availability and reliability of operation

The SMA 30 Automatic Strapping Machine by Strapex

The SMA 30 automatic strapping machine is one of the most reliable and economical solutions to a wide range of general purpose strapping applications.  The SMA 30 utilises 12mm strapping for goods of up to 35Kg and is designed for strapping small to medium packages. With its performance speed of up to 24 cycles per minute the Strapex SMA 30 is the perfect solution to improve the productivity. Furthermore you save time and money with our high quality longer coiled plastic strap.

Automatic plastic strapping machine

Automatic Strapping Machines provides a simple solution for shipping departments with small to medium volume of packages.
Strapping Machines also known as bundlers, are used for higher volume applications or special applications. Power strapping machines ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity for high production applications.

Automatic Strapping Machines

The SMA 30 is a user-friendly fully automatic plastic strapping machine suitable for various applications. The table height is adjustable to suit individual heights. The strap tension can be accurately adjusted from 5-450 N. The SMA 30 machine can use various widths of Polypropylene strap from 9mm to 12 mm and offers fast and easy changes of the coil.

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Machine weight Approx. 230 – 260Kg
Strap width, mm 12mm Polypropylene (PP)
Heat Seal Yes
Strap coil: in/out Ø 200/430mm
Max Arch Size, mm 1250 x 800mm
Min Arch Size, mm 650 x 600mm
Strap tension, up to 450N
Electricity supply 230V 50Hz | 115V 60Hz
Working height, mm 800mm
Performance per min 24 cycles per minute
Dispenser position Side